Ladies and Gentlemen

Artistic workshop POLAM offers high-quality moulds, matrixes for producing decorative and usable articles of concrete, plaster and resin.

We produce our moulds from high-quality components which have been checked for many years. However we are still looking for new materials and solutions. Thanks to it we sell our products not only in Poland but also in Canada, Turkey, Holland, Denmark, Germany and Russia.

Articles produced from our moulds are used as usable elements of small architecture in arranging interiors, gardens and recreation areas.

You can find over one thousand patterns of garden and advertising figures, animal figures, pillars, busts, tables, vases, flower pots, stucco decorations, decorative fences, balustrades and usable articles in our offer.

We use the patterns mentioned above to produce moulds. We also produce moulds from given models. We cooperate with sculpture workshop which can make a model according to your conception.

You can see photos of some of our products on the PRODUCTS site. To obtain some additional information, please contact us.